In Sanskrit, "swasa" (स्वास) refers to "breath" or "respiration." It is a fundamental aspect of life and is often used in various contexts, including yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices, where conscious breathing is emphasized for relaxation, focus, and overall well-being.

In the sanctuary of somatic touch breathwork, I embraced the ethereal essence of the blue lotus. With each breath, gentle touches cascaded like whispers upon my 

skin, guiding me into a profound state of surrender. 

As the lotus infused my being, I felt a deep resonance within, awakening dormant energies and unlocking hidden chambers 

of the soul. 

With each exhale, tensions melted away, allowing me to sink deeper into the embrace of the present moment. In this sacred union of breath, touch, and lotus, I journeyed

 through realms of serenity and self-discovery, emerging with a renewed sense of harmony and inner peace.